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Monday, March 21, 2016


and , 
         sometimes the picture is so perfect,
         when you are near to me.
         some times i wish the day never goes down,
         when your black sun glass reflects the sun.

         Sometimes I feel its already Spring 
         when you walk beside me in your favorite dress
         How would I tell you;
         when my eyes catches your silly activities., you look cute at your best. 

Reckon Girl, 
          every time you pull out my breath.
          every time you manage your hair .
           I want to see you every day and every night girl.
           cross every roads, and end up each day with stupid fights. 
           "You are my favorite Movie"
            that runs through my head..
            Favorite in every mood, weather i am 
            Happy sick or sad. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


just a pamper through words.... !


Love before, I grow old.
Hold  before ,I am sold.
Shelter me in your heart,
Don,t let me break apart.

and its now the condition....

as i am tried of crying, I forgot how to smile,
I am a looser , never knew how to win.
Now i have started and they say its already finish.
Life is a puzzle, a scary thunderstorm.

Day and night all  seems the same,
Who is God and who is to blame.
Nightmares and Dreams .
Scars and Bloods.
fear of falling from the sky heights,
cold heart , hate those pick up fights.

Better come to my heart and give them life,
Give my eyes the direction they want.
Let my heart be yours again..
        will walk together to the Memory lane....

its my new piece named it-- come back,, after a break up.. u think... if we had not broke up.. or may be we cud had patched up again.. sharing the falts 50-50. the regrets and pain ... i tried to pen down...

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


its a symbol of love...
at the edge of your window.
every morning waking up looking at it...
where my unfolded heart stands strong...

seeking at it. 

now this picture turned grey..
the lights went down... 
still i stare at it... 
when my hearts begins to frown.

wrote it while driving away,, in 15 mints... when one of my friend clicked this pic and pasted it on face book... i had to write something  as she asked me to... and then  thoughts took the shape.... 

Saturday, November 29, 2014


Someday or other..
             his heart needs her shelter.
             Like a small school boy, holding hands walking together.
             His life has been hi-jacked and she doesn't know,
                                           at any cost he wont let her go.

             He would chained her if its possible

             She is there but she couldn't feel
             The love that grows for her, doesn't seems real..

             Half eaten pastry to her favorite cloth,
             And , all he remembers in his everyday thought.

             But she takes him as a friend,
             Ignoring the other side going deeper.
             Deeper as a deep blue ocean and heart buried in the sand
             But one fine day, she moves on with another man.
             Not thinking about the boy, for her...
                               who always try to do whatever he can.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


Tears fall down and they lost there way

Words get lighter than the meanings,
Hearts often rest in a local subway.
Where life is just another game.
Seeds of sorrow are bigger,
    and picture talks out of the frame.

Expectation kills! u can't name it.
Of thousand stories, someone's hope some one's glories.
Unhealed marks, wounded hearts.
Eventually, becomes you life's beautiful part.

Thoughts behind are drawn before eyes,
its a art of magic and it never lies.
its a gift of a life time, a promise, a care.
INK of emotion we all love to share.
May be a infinite love for someone,
May be a memorable day from the past.
will always give you courage to stand strong till last.

and then with a sweet sip of pain,


its been ages i have stopped myself
on one thing that i don't like.
i even don't share , i even don't try
mamma says BIG BOYS DON'T CRY!

but,she doesn't know , his big boy has a wounded heart,
which has been used thousand times
and has been hundred times teared apart.
and though i hide my wet eye.
mamma says BIG BOYS DON'T CRY!!

mamma, its OK, i have let it go,
on some reason it comes to and fro.
Often, i pen down my thoughts to make me ease.
i do all good things towards happiness,
i have cut the roots for the love to grow.
i made mistakes there i was a kid,
i promised myself i wont bent in knees.

I love to walk in rain to wash away my pain.
to wash away all scars and those bad strains.
Though i am broken and my eyes are red
she asked me are u OK son? , i said a lie.
mamma says BIG BOYS DON'T CRY!!!