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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Love before, I grow old.
Hold  before ,I am sold.
Shelter me in your heart,
Don,t let me break apart.

and its now the condition....

as i am tried of crying, I forgot how to smile,
I am a looser , never knew how to win.
Now i have started and they say its already finish.
Life is a puzzle, a scary thunderstorm.

Day and night all  seems the same,
Who is God and who is to blame.
Nightmares and Dreams .
Scars and Bloods.
fear of falling from the sky heights,
cold heart , hate those pick up fights.

Better come to my heart and give them life,
Give my eyes the direction they want.
Let my heart be yours again..
        will walk together to the Memory lane....

its my new piece named it-- come back,, after a break up.. u think... if we had not broke up.. or may be we cud had patched up again.. sharing the falts 50-50. the regrets and pain ... i tried to pen down...


Amar said...

Life is so cruel that it gives seldom a 2nd chance. Though I hope your come back wish comes true.

Writing - Nice way of healing your broken heart, and you have done it quite marvellously.

J..... said...

thnxx... a lot.. thnx for the appreciation...
plase follow my other piece.. and put you comments,,.. looking forward..